The Collective Mentality Revealed

The raw essence of The Collective mentality is laid bare with this simple fact regarding the Affordable Care Act:  The Collective will tell you what insurance coverage you must have and must pay for, regardless of what you believe is right for you.  The Department of Health and Human Services has identified a list of essential healthcare services every insurance policy must cover, and that list includes maternity and pediatric services.  Every policy.  No exceptions.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Whether you are a 30-something single male with no children, or a 50-something married male like me with no possibility of producing more children, or even a 50-something female who is past menopause, your policy must provide coverage for maternity and pediatric services.

You do not get the full freedom of choice.  You cannot choose not to carry insurance even if you are a multi-millionaire capable of fully self-insuring, and you cannot decline a specific coverage you do not need.  You can only choose from the policy options selected for you by The Collective.

You are subservient to The Collective.  Resistance is futile.


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