Government is Force – A Fundamental Contradiction in the Liberal Theology

The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.
–  James Madison
Liberals believe in the power of government.  They want government to do more, spend more, provide more.  They want government to protect us from all number of things: unequal distribution of wealth, unfair treatment of one group by another, economic hard times, the high cost of healthcare, the high cost of retirement, and, especially, to protect us from corporations who are willing to destroy both people and planet in their obsessive pursuit of profit.  Liberals also believe in protecting the group from the selfish decisions of the few – all in the name of fairness, all in the name of what is best for society as a whole.  As but one example, they are willing to let the government prevent a few students from leaving the public school system in search of better schools – because it would not be fair to the many left behind.
Liberals even want the government to protect us from ourselves.  In our old age Medicare covers our healthcare costs and Social Security covers our life expenses in case we didn’t arrange for that ourselves.  They want to protect us from unhealthy products such as trans fats, extra large sugary soft drinks, tanning beds, and cigarettes by banning such products where they can or by taxing them if they cannot succeed in banning.  But here is the catch.  Once those laws have been written, an enforcement mechanism is required.  Once those taxes have been created, a police force must be empowered to apprehend anyone who fails to collect those taxes on the government’s behalf.
But somehow, in being so willing to grant more power to government in order to force society to do what they believe it ought to do, liberals fail to see the consequences of that power getting out of hand.  Everyone has heard the maxim “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  Those profit-obsessed corporations do have plenty of power, but governments have absolute power.  And there is no clearer illustration of that absolute power than what we have seen in recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York.
All of this brings one to wonder why the liberals are so determined to classify these recent events as racism when there has been no shred of evidence that the people directly involved were, in fact, racists.  Liberals, the very people who claim to be most appalled when people judge someone by skin color, seem to be claiming in these cases are self-evident racism, that we should judge the police not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin.
Could it be that finding racism in these events is a way to avoid seeing the truth that government is force and that government is not just power but absolute power which can and does get out of hand?  Does the racism meme allow the liberals to avoid confronting the fundamental contradiction between their belief in government force and their disdain for the very people whose job it is to exercise that force?
In anticipation of the counterargument, is there a liberal in the world who has read and understood the implications of Animal Farm?  Do people realize George Orwell was a socialist?  His intention in writing Animal Farm was not that socialism is bad but that the wrong sort of people (Lenin and Stalin) got in control and made it bad.  Orwell failed to see that which contemporary liberals also fail to see – that the problem is not that the wrong sort of people got control but that it is socialism itself which leads to the wrong sort of people getting control.  Socialism is government and government is force, and for socialism to work, it needs people in power that are willing to exercise that force, ruthlessly if necessary.

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