The Other Man

Here, let me teach you something – something you need to know.  Let me teach you that you are being held down by the Other Man.  The obstacles you will face in life will be numerous, and many are put there by the Other Man.  If you will listen closely, I will tell you all the ways the Other Man is keeping you down.

He sends his children to top-notch private schools and works the system to keep your children in public schools that don’t care about your child’s education.  He refuses to pay more school taxes, which I can assure you are needed in order to improve those schools, and he has the power and connections to keep the taxes from going up.  In fact, he would completely do away with public schools without me keeping him in check.  He throws out words like “vouchers” and “school choice” as if they are some sort of magic elixir, but I can tell you those words are nothing but an illusion that he wants you to believe.

On the job, he pays you pennies while he pays himself and his cronies thousands.  In fact, he would pay you even less if not for me watching over him.

He puts machines and robots in his factories or moves his factories overseas just so he can put more money in his own pocket and keep it out of yours.  He doesn’t care about you.  But I do.  I will keep him from stealing those jobs from you.

Healthcare costs are constantly rising, but that’s no problem for the Other Man because he can afford it.  How?  He keeps cutting the healthcare benefits he offers you in order to keep more money in his own pocket.  If not for me, he would pay nothing for your health coverage.  But I will take his money to help you pay for your healthcare.

He enjoys his country club and his yacht while you struggle just to make ends meet.  If not for me taking his money to give you food stamps, you might go hungry.

He would charge you rent too high to afford and kick you out on the street without me keeping the proper controls in place.  Money is what matters to him.  He does not care about you.  I do.

In all sorts of professions, he is constantly looking for new ways to take more and give less.  Whether he owns a plumbing business, a construction business, a car dealership, a real estate agency, or whatever, he will find new ways to cheat you.  But I will create laws and regulations to lord over his powers.

Finally, he builds a police force designed to keep you in your place.  This police force views you with an always suspicious eye, ever assuming you to be guilty.  Meanwhile, the Other Man’s neighborhood is crime-free and quiet; the streets are clean; the potholes are filled; the kids are safe to roam freely.  Just compare his neighborhood to your neighborhood.  The Other Man’s police force protects him and keeps you where you belong.

When you find it hard to get ahead in life, you must see that it is not your fault.  It is because the Other Man is holding you down.  There is really very little you can do to get yourself out of the life you were born into, because that is where the Other Man wants you.  Yes, you are a victim of the Other Man, and you are powerless to change it.  Come to me and I will protect you.  I will make life easier for you.

As I have always done before, I will continue to lord over the Other Man to keep him from lording over you.